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My 21 year old son, Kurtis Robert Skelley, lost his life to DEPRESSION on March 3, 2014. Kurt suffered in isolation because this disease and the stigma that still very much goes along with it, caused him to believe that he was the only one that could possibly feel as horrible as he did. 


All that I can do now is share Kurt's story. Kurt was a remarkable, smart, kind, gentle, funny, athletic young man. Kurt was an All-State High School Lacrosse player & a walk on D3 College player. He was a risk taker with a dry sense of humor and a quiet demeanor. Kurt was the first to try just about anything. He loved to ski, hike, climb, bike & run. Kurt was the guy that most kids would have loved to have been. On the outside, Kurt looked like he had it all going for him. Without his disease, Kurt did have it all going for him. 


He would never have believed the outpouring of love and support from the hundreds of friends and families that reached out to us after he was gone. Kurt would never have believed it because he was suffering with a horrible disease that kept him from believing anything as wonderful and positive as this. 

We need to talk about this deadly disease.

DEPRESSION is not just a little thing that

you get to the other side of. It is not just

a small bump in the road, it is a debilitating,

devastating disease that can take lives. 




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